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Shawn Dawson

Barking Kettle

St. John's

Shawn Dawson (a.k.a. Flossman Dandy Cabbage) grew up on Newfoundland's Southern Shore, close to the land and sea. His childhood was spent fishing cod with his dad, picking wild greens with his nan, rabbit hunting with his uncles, and spending most of his days outside in awe of the wonder of it all. Shawn has been foraging plants and mushrooms for St. John's finest restaurants for years under the business name Barking Kettle. His table at the St. John's Farmers' Market is a most visit for seasonal and preserved wild food, as well as stories and tipos. 

Shawn offers popular foraging tours, and frequently collaborates with local chefs for dinners, events, and food festivals. Shawn has extensive knowledge of local foraging and a true love for exporting Newfoundland and Labrador.

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