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Chris Chaisson

Chris Chaisson

Rifflin Hitch Lodge, Wulff Lake Lodge, Mealy Mountain Park Lodge

Residing in the captivating landscapes of Newfoundland and Labrador, Chef Christopher Chaisson is a culinary enthusiast whose exceptional journey through the world of fine dining has afforded him the opportunity to work with some revolutionary chefs . With a string of awards adorning his career, Chef Christopher has carved a niche for himself as an connoisseur of taste, and his current role at one of the world most elite fishing lodge @rifflinhitchlodge is nothing short of extraordinary.

Chris's voyage into the realm of culinary excellence began with humble roots, cultivating his passion for exquisite flavors and culinary innovation in the heart of Newfoundland.

Now, as a cornerstone of a world-class adventure fishing lodge, Chef Christopher has found his culinary canvas amid the untamed beauty of Labrador's wilderness. His mission is to craft a dining experience that captivates guests' senses and to offer a symphony of flavors that mirror the magnificence of the land and sea that surrounds them.

In a landscape that mirrors the untamed beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador, Chef Chaisson has found his culinary muse. His devotion to detail, his commitment to guest satisfaction, and his ability to transform the raw into the refined have left an indelible mark.

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