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Each year during the third weekend of September in Elliston, Newfoundland, Tourism Elliston host Roots, Rants and Roars. This two-day food festival is a celebration of Newfoundland's food, culture, land, and sea, and is attended by approximately 700 people annually. Since the inaugural event in 2009, Roots, Rants and Roars has grown to become the premier culinary event in Newfoundland and Labrador and has become recognized throughout Canada as one of the top national culinary festivals. 

Tourism Elliston is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that was formed to promote tourism and economic development in the community of Elliston. In addition to Roots, Rants and Roars, Tourism Elliston also hosts the Bird Island Puffin Festival which takes place during the third week of July. This festival showcases Elliston as the Root Cellar Capital of the world and home of the much-celebrated Puffin. Vegetables that have been stored in the root cellars all winter are used to prepare more than 1000 jigs dinners. The event also features a fish fry, serving local codfish prepared in traditional ways.


The event team of Chris Sheppard and Roger Dewling in partnership with Tourism Elliston are passionate about Newfoundland and Labrador food and culture. It is our goal that Roots, Rants and Roars is a true celebration of Newfoundland and Labrador while respecting the land and sea by minimizing waste and focusing on sustainability. 
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