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Clint Brewer

Clint Brewer

Smugglers Cove Roadhouse


Clinton Brewer, the executive chef at the Smugglers Cove Roadhouse Bar & Grill, hails from a quaint fishing community nestled on the scenic Burin Peninsula. Growing up in this close-knit environment, he discovered his profound love for the culinary arts at a tender age. It was within the warm embrace of his grandmother's kitchen that he found himself captivated by the artistry she displayed, effortlessly transforming humble ingredients into gastronomic masterpieces.

Guided by his grandmother's culinary wisdom and inspired by her ability to create culinary wonders from the simplest of elements, Clinton's passion for cooking took root. Determined to hone his skills, he embarked on a personal journey of self-education, diligently immersing himself in the vast world of culinary arts.

With unwavering dedication, Clinton continually strives to prove his mettle as a remarkable chef. Despite his humble beginnings, he remains resolute in his pursuit of culinary excellence. Each day presents an opportunity for him to push the boundaries of his own abilities, aiming to surpass his own expectations and prove his prowess in the kitchen.

As the esteemed executive chef at the Smugglers Cove Roadhouse Bar & Grill, Clinton Brewer brings not only a wealth of experience but also an unwavering commitment to creating culinary experiences that delight the senses and leave a lasting impression on all who indulge in his creations.

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