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Aaron McInnis

Chef Aaron McInnis, was born and raised in Nova Scotia and a Newfoundland transplant since 2005, where he began his journey through university where he became a nutritionist. Chef Aaron has been baking nearly all his life and like most started as a self-taught/mom-taught baker. After University and a stint in health care, Aaron decided to pursue his lifelong passion of baking, now a certified Red Seal in the trade!

He is the owner of Happy Belly Cakery, a custom cake studio, and the author of “Happy Belly: The Cake Book.” The heart behind Man versus Cake, an international education blog. He is the baking and pastry arts instructor with College of the North Atlantic, a four-time Food Network veteran, and most recently the writer and host of “Baking it up a Notch” on Bell TV1.

Aaron strongly and wholeheartedly believes in breaking the baking stereotypes and empowering men to get into the kitchen and bake all the things. As a father to three young men he wants them to know and understand that they belong wherever they find themselves most happy, making and creating a successful life for themselves and their family, no matter what the career.

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