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Cellar Bucks are the new Roots, Rants and Roars drink tickets! No need for various drink ticket types, Cellar Bucks are sold in denominations of $3 bills and can be used to purchase any beverages from the bar.

Cellar Bucks.jpg

6 Cellar Bucks

Crown & Anchor light lager (12oz draft)
Dayboil session IPA (12oz draft)

Iceberg Vodka (1 oz cocktails)

Iceberg Gold Rum (1oz cocktails)

Stalk & Barrel Canadian Whisky (1oz cocktails)

Cellar Bucks.jpg

Cellar Bucks

Crown & Anchor light lager (473ml can)
Dayboil session IPA (473ml can)
Squeezebox NEIPA (473ml can)
Margarita Cerveza (473ml can)
Oktoberfest Marzen (473ml can)
Variety of Sofa Sours (473ml can)
Art Skeet Dry Hopped Sour (473ml can)

Gin & Tonic (355ml can)

Gunpowder & Rose Rum & Cola (355ml can)
Tom Collins (355ml can)

Summer Kiss (355ml can)

Firehouse Red Ale (473ml can)

Gluten Free Lager (473ml can)

Gluten Free Haskap Sour (473ml can)

Bersano Barbera d’Asti Costalunga (5oz glass)

Albino Armani Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie (5oz glass)

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