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Registration & Artisan Market (5:00 pm)

Upon arrival at Elliston Municipal Park, you will need to first check into the registration booth. Here you will present your tickets and in exchange, you will receive your registration package. 

Your registration package will include:

 - event wristbands, please put on immediately 

 - cod wars voting ballot

 - event booklet

 - wine glass (please reuse this glass all weekend)

*If you have tickets for multiple events, you will receive everything you need when you check in for your first event.

Take some time to browse the Artisan Market before entering the park.

Gates Open (6:15 pm)

Upon entry, you will need to show your wristband to security. There is no outside alcohol permitted inside the park. For the safety of all our patrons and as per NL Liquor's regulation, security may check bags.

Once inside the park, you will be welcomed with a beverage sampling and a reception plate. 

Spend this time enjoying live music and exploring the park. Please be patient the war does not start until 7:00 pm

Cod Wars Begin (7:15 pm)

As you enter the park you will be greeted by our reception stations. One chef station and one welcome cocktail station.

Throughout the park you will find 5 chef stations, each chef has prepared a spectacular dish featuring fresh Newfoundland Cod. Our chefs have prepared enough for everyone to enjoy each station, so please only visit each one once.

In addition to the chef stations, there is also a wine sampling station. Please feel free to visit this between food stations. Be kind to our servers, due to NL Liquor regulations they are only permitted to pour a 2-ounce serving.

All stations close at 9:45 pm


Prior to 9:45 pm, be sure you have cast your vote for the King or Queen of Cod.

A Cod Wars ballot was included in your registration package. Check the circle next to the chef that you feel prepared the best cod dish.

Place your vote in the Cod Wars ballot box which is located at the merchandise booth.

Crowning of the King or Queen - 10:00 pm on the stage.

Entertainment (6:00 pm – 11:30 pm)

There are three performances throughout the evening.

Two – 1 ½ hour performances and one two–hour headline performance.

There are short breaks to reset between each performance, and the headliners will take a short break halfway through their performance.


The shuttle bus will depart the entrance of the park at 12:00 am.

Please check the event booklet or online for a complete shuttle schedule.

Additional Information

It is important to note that there is no cell phone service in Elliston:

  • you should make alternate transportation arrangements prior to coming into the park. 

  • there will be very little social media or email communications from the organizers.

  • we will be accepting credit or debit for payments on site.

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