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Kenny Pittman

Kenny Pittman

Chef Ken loves hip hop, whiskey, cigars and sharp knives. Ken spends his days off smoking cigars and hanging with his cats. Ken's favorite thing to cook is one pot wonders.

Using fresh local ingredients, chef Ken Pittman draws from his Asian roots to create amazing dishes. 

In 2006, Pittman enrolled at the Culinary Institute of Canada, where the program’s strong classic French base of culinary education provided him with a solid foundation to move forward in his career. He spent a winter break working in the high-performance environment at John’s Island Club, a private, member-owned club in Vero Beach, Fla. 

He went on to work at Tide and Boar Gastropub in Moncton, N.B., and then at Raymonds — one of Canada’s top restaurants. Chef Ken's love of local has been further developed through his relationships with local fishmongers, hunters, trappers, forgers, producers, and farmers. 

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