2019 Road to

Roots, Rants and Roars

Newfoundland and Labrador food tourism is a true cultural collaboration of chefs, producers, farmers, fisher people and artisans. Roots, Rants and Roars is proud to be a part of this community and are excited to announce a new initiative to further highlight the natural gifts of Newfoundland and Labrador’s food, culture, land, and sea.

The Road to Roots, Rants and Roars is a collection of businesses that are committed to showcasing Newfoundland and Labrador's food, culture, land, and sea.

Roots, Rants and Roars invites you to explore our partners and create an experience that expands beyond the 2-day festival. Newfoundland and Labrador's unique taste of place will allow you to curate your own tangled tale.


The Road to Roots, Rants and Roars map is your guide to the Eastern Newfoundland's celebration of food, culture, land, and sea

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